Protein Production

IMGENEX INDIA's facility is well-suited to provide custom and contract production of your biologic proteins, essential for the production of protein drugs and to the development of drug assays and life science research.


Our protein expression system capabilities and large-scale purification service, allows us to serve scientists in Academia, Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Laboratories.


  • Baculovirus expression systems : The system of choice for high-level expression, ease of scale-up, and production of recombinant proteins with post-translational modifications.
  • Bacterial expression : Transformed bacterial culture is ideal for large-scale fermentation, providing homogeneous recombinant proteins for crystallization, depending on your protein.
  • Mammalian cell lines : For transient expression, stable expression, conditioned media or cells from stably transfected cell lines.

All projects are discussed in-depth with the client before start of a project. After discussion, an initial project report is prepared addressing the materials required, cost of the project and time frame.


Contact us today to learn more. Tell us about your needs, and we will quickly provide you with an estimate for your project cost and a guideline for timelines so that you can plan your next steps following completion of service.