Custom Antibody Development

IMGENEX INDIA being a pioneering antibody development and manufacturing company provides a wide range of custom services for life science and bio pharmaceutical industries. Our scientists have the ability to help you at every step of the antibody development process, from antigen design to antibody production, characterization, mass culture and conjugation.


With over 20 years of experience in antibody manufacturing in world’s leading companies like BD Biosciences and IMGENEX Corporation, we have in depth knowledge in development and validation of antibodies.


We provide comprehensive monoclonal and polyclonal antibody development services starting from antigen design, peptide synthesis and recombinant protein production. We develop monoclonal/polyclonal antibodies from synthetic peptides including phospho or acetylated peptides, recombinant proteins, gel-eluted protein, etc.


Myeloma Cells Culture


All projects are discussed in-depth with the client before start of a project. After discussion, an initial project report is prepared addressing the materials required, cost of the project and time frame. The progress will also be updated by emails in a timely manner.

  • Complete Custom antibody development from peptide: Customer needs to provide us the sequence or accession number of the protein. Then we choose the best possible epitope for antibody generation.
  • Complete Custom antibody development from synthesized recombinant proteins: Nucleotide sequence information of the protein is required, then the gene will be synthesized for recombinant protein production and subsequently the antibody will be generated.
  • Custom antibody development from customer supplied antigen: Customer has to supply us minimum 5 mg of peptide and 3 mg of recombinant protein for antibody development.


Additional services


  • Big lot sizes: From a few milligrams to gram quantities, we can manufacture purified antibody from your cell lines, or commercially available cell lines at your direction. Tell us your quality control specifications and we'll work with you to get validated samples into your hands fast.
    Confidentiality: All work is done under confidential agreement. For antibody development and manufacture, simply supply the species of origin and antibody isotype.
  • Validation of antibody for Immunohistochemistry/Western blotting.
  • Custom pAb production in Rabbit/Mice/Rat.


Contact us today to learn more. Tell us about your needs, and we will quickly provide you with an estimate for your project cost and a guideline for timelines so that you can plan your next steps following completion of service.