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Monoclonal Antibodies
At IMGENEX India, we have a fully equipped development facility dedicated for the production of hybridomas and monoclonal antibodies (mAbs). This facility possesses the necessary capacity and technical expertise required to develop mAbs against various novel proteins using our proprietary hybridoma development protocol. We handle all hybridoma-related procedures including designing the immunogen, mice immunization, fusion, screening, antibody validation, ascites development and antibody purification. Keeping in view the eagerness of researchers, we offer Custom Monoclonal Antibody Services.
Polyclonal Antibodies
At IMGENEX India, we develop quality polyclonal antibodies to novel molecules involved in various vital signaling pathways viz., apoptosis, NF-kB transcription factors, cell signaling pathways including DNA methylation and repair, inflammation and heat shock proteins, phosphorylated proteins, neurological disorders, TLRs and infectious diseases like SARS, anthrax and avian flu to name a few. We follow strict quality control guidelines and our antibodies are validated in different test systems including WB, ELISA, IHC, IP, and FACS. Our antibodies are widely used for research purposes in various reputed laboratories and institutions across the world. We also offer Custom Polyclonal Antibody Services.
Scientists at IMGENEX India exploit immunohistochemistry (IHC), a powerful technique to localize the expression of proteins in various tissues, to validate its in-house monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies. We use our vast stock of antibodies to look for their expression profile in various stages of tumor. It not only helps to validate our products, but also helps in finding the expression pattern and localization of key molecules in normal and pathological conditions. Many of these antibodies can be used in diagnostics to provide information on biological markers. IMGENEX India also carries out research using immunocytometry to localize the expression of key molecules on different cell lines.
Flow Cytometry
Researchers rely on flow cytometry to rapidly measure cell activity. This technology is contributing to a clearer picture of cell behavior and a better understanding of how cells will respond to specific therapies. Flow cytometry helps us to investigate the immune status of the cells by monitoring the expression profiles of proteins. IMGENEX India also provides staining kit to detect the expression of extracellular and intracellular proteins.
Cell Culture
IMGENEX India maintains a comprehensive, self-contained core facility dedicated for mammalian cell culture. This facility houses all the equipment necessary for the growth, maintenance and analysis of mammalian cells. This facility provides the necessary cellular materials required for the analysis and validating the expression of various proteins using our antibodies. We also undertake projects requiring development of stable mammalian cell lines expressing recombinant proteins.
Animal house
IMGENEX India has an animal facility to breed and rear small animals, viz., mouse, rat and rabbit for conducting research approved by the Committee for the Purpose of Control and Supervision of Experiments on Animals (CPCSEA). Scientists at IMGENEX India are carrying out research in small animals for the identification, study, and treatment of disease and injury.
Taking advantage of available gene and protein information, from scientific literature, web data base and other sources and availability of novel bioinformatics softwares IMGENEX India aims to provide in-silico analysis support of data generated from the day to day research and assist the researchers to reach their objectives. We can provide following services.
  • In- silico Epitope Mapping Online tool
  • Proteome / Transcriptome Analysis
  • Antibody Portal
  • Sequence & Structure Analysis
  • Data Curation from Biological Databases EmailID Extractor from Pubmed, Protolink
  • Data Mining, Data Analysis
  • Contract Research
We have expert team on IT to provide following services
  • Database Management and Online tool support on Product Data Management, Sales Data Management, Laboratory Data Management, Stock Data Management, Resource Activity Data Management etc.
  • Website Development & Maintenance.
  • Development & Maintenance of Content Management System & Customer Relationship Management System.
  • Search Engine Optimization for Antibody Product Database.
  • Server Administration
  • Server Data Backup Management & Local Data Backup Management.
  • Network & IT infrastructure Management.
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